Weekly news: ‘geek chic’ contravenes thermodynamics

OUR TIME has come. Where once to be a nerd was deeply uncool, today it is the epitome is stylishness. It seems that everywhere we look, the latest role models are adored more for their intellect than – as was the case just a few years ago – their sporting prowess.

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. A decade or two ago, I was a gawky young man with few social graces and little going for me other than a modest intellect. Despite investing heavily in the appropriate clothing and hairstyles, I was never what you might call cool. I was no good at sports and therefore had little hope of being part of the in-crowd.

Contrast that with today. Now I am a gawky middle-aged man with few social graces, and am still deeply uncool. But if I were a gawky young man again, it might all be different.

From the heroes of the top TV shows and movies (the new Q in the latest James Bond movie os classic geek) to the fashion pages of newspapers and magazines, it’s all about geek chic.

Anybody who works in a laboratory, or connected to the performing of science on a regular basis, can now lay claim to the ultimate badge of style. Nerds are out and proud, and aren’t the orcs jealous?

Thanks to the rigours of health and safety legislation, even those of us with good eyesight can adopt the defining accessory for geek fashion, the oversized spectacles, by simply donning a pair of safety goggles.

In terms of being cool, we’ve never had it so good. But remember that fashion is cyclical, and what is hot today will be both stone cold and deeply uncool (contravening all known laws of thermodynamics, incidentally) tomorrow. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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