Better cell growth on these microplates

THE LARGE surface area of each well on the Krystal 24 microplate enables ‘unmatched’ cell growth, says Porvair Sciences.

Krystal 24 microplates from Porvair Sciences have large surface area and are treated to promote cell growth

Each well holds a volume of 3.1ml, giving a large surface area, and the microplates are tissue culture treated to ensure optimal cell growth and attachment.

These 24-well plates are made to industry-standard ANSI/SLAS dimensions from ultra-pure grade polystyrene, making them suitable for use with robotic handlers, plate readers, and other laboratory automation systems.

Porvair Krystal 24 microplates are suitable for for cell culture, cloning, viral titration, and cell fusion. Plate edges and lids are designed to reduce evaporation, and the raised well rims reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Their design also facilitates direct measurement on bottom reading spectrophotometers and inverted microscopes. For sensitive fluorescence measurements the black Krystal 24 plate provides the light-absorbing background needed to minimise interference. The opaque white Krystal 24 plate maximises reflectivity, enabling even weakly emitting luminescence assays to be routinely undertaken. 

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