Flow chemistry chiller takes reactions to -88C

COOLING flow chemistry reactions below about -70C has traditionally presented challenges in the laboratory, requiring the use of pressurised gas and heat exchangers.  

The Flowsyn Polar Bear from Uniqsis cools reactions quickly and without gas cylinders

Now Uniqsis says it has developed an advanced chiller unit, the FlowSyn Polar Bear, which works with the FlowSyn continuous flow reactor to facilitate reactions down to -88°C.

FlowSyn Polar Bear is said to give faster and more efficient cooling than conventional refrigeration, and is designed to prevent ice formation in order to maintain visibility of lab equipment.

Uniqsis says it is suitable for pre-cooling reagents and controlling temperature in highly exothermic reactions.

Described as a plug-and-play system, this chiller requires no solid CO2 (dry ice), no solvents, and no heat transfer fluids, and will cool a reaction vessel to -88C at the touch of a button.

For highly exothermic reactions Uniqsis offers the Polar Bear Plus.

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