Evaporator offers economy for small volume work

A NEW low cost, small volume evaporator for synthetic and medicinal chemists has been launched by KD Scientific. 

Centrifan PE offers economy for smaller evaporation work in the laboratory

The Centrifan PE dries solvents directly in the vial, which the company says increases evaporation efficiency.

Many of the problems associated with alternative evaporation systems, including rotary, nitrogen blow-down, and lyophilisation/freeze drying, are eliminated by the proprietary self-generated blowdown technology (SBT) used here, it says.

Because this system requires less monitoring than rotorvap techniques, chemists will save time in the laboratory. This applies also to processing fractions collected from flash liquid chromatography.

Samples are dried in 20ml scintillation vials or other common labware, without the need for a vacuum pump or supply of blow-down gas. This protects samples from loss and captures toxic vapours and materials in a closed system.

KD Scientific adds that this closed design is a benefit when working with radioactive or other toxic materials.

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