Light-scattering detectors ‘out-perform the opposition’

TWO NEW evaporative light-scattering detectors for liquid chromatography will deliver more sensitivity, higher efficiency, and better reproducibility that any alternative currently available, says Agilent.

Promising up to nine times the sensitivity of rival detectors, the 1290 and 1260 Infinity evaporative light-scattering detectors (ELSDs) are suitable for the analysis of non- volatile and semi-volatile compounds.

Much of the painstaking sample preparation often necessary when screening compound libraries is no longer necessary, says Agilent, because these detectors eliminate interference from the widely-used solvent DMSO.

The 1290 Infinity ELSD is a laser-based detector with detection limits nine times lower than the previous model, while the 1260 Infinity ELSD has an LED light source for economy. This detector also offers a standby mode for further energy savings, and is said to reduce nitrogen gas consumption by between 50 and 75 percent.

Agilent says both of these universal liquid chromatography detectors, which are now available, will find applications in pharmaceutical and drug discovery laboratories, QA/QC, food quality testing, nutraceuticals, and fine chemical analysis.

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