Hello, and welcome to LabHomepage. Launched in 2011, this site is the indispensible resource for scientists, technicians, and lab managers. It provides information on the latest products and services available to laboratories, as well as reports on products in action, exhibitions and seminars, and other features of interest. Based in the UK, LabHomepage covers the laboratory sector worldwide.

PR and marketing professionals who wish to have their news considered for inclusion on LabHomepage should add news@labhomepage.com to their press release distribution lists. Editorial material is published on merit alone, and all material submitted is edited or rewritten at the editor’s whim.

There is no charge for inclusion of editorial material on LabHomepage, including text and images. We do not levy a so-called ‘separation charge’. Images are very welcome, and we encourage their inclusion with press releases (please send medium-resolution images, up to about 1000 pixels across, rather than high resolution). Other types of content that we will consider include video, and documents for download (PDFs, posters, etc).

Companies submitting news to the Lab Homepage are invited to create their own company homepage here. This can be linked to from your stories and advertisements on this site, providing an opportunity to deliver a sales message and becoming a stepping stone to your own websites elsewhere. Further information on company homepages here.

Advertising space is available, in a variety of positions and at very attractive rates. Please contact the editor for the latest information. Banner advertising is available above the site header, and button adverts can be located in the sidebar – these positions serve ads on every page view. Targeted ads can be located below article text in specific categories of stories, while the weekly LabHomepage email newsletter has space for up to two sponsors’ messages.

Further information the editor, news@labhomepage.com

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