Camera head makes quality microscope images

THE LATEST offering in Nikon’s Digital Sight range of microscope cameras is the DS-Fi2, delivering 5 megapixel resolution (2560 x 1920 pixels) and frame rates up to 21 fps (frames per second) to film fast-moving microscopic events.

The DS-Fi2 microscope camera head from Nikon offers 5Mp resolution

This new camera head has a dynamic range of 1000:1, making it suitable for both research and clinical microscopy, and allows a wide range of exposure time settings to suit different observational techniques including brightfield, phase contrast, and differential interference contrast (DIC).

Fast focussing, coupled with high sensitivity and the wide dynamic range, enables the user to quickly search a sharp image to determine areas of interest. The camera head is compatible with Nikon’s Eclipse Ni and Ci series microscopes and can be controlled by the separate DS-L3 control unit (see our report here).

Separate camera heads and control units allow the user to configure a system to suit their specific needs, and the digital camera heads can be operated as standalone units or connected to PC controls.


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