Third-generation polymerase boosts plant PCR

BETTER success rates and more efficient amplification in plant PCR is promised by the Kapa3 plant PCR kit, available in the UK exclusively from Anachem.

Suitable for work on a variety of plant and tissue types, including seeds, leaf discs, and crude plant extracts, these kits are said to give faster, more reproducible, and more streamlined PCR amplification.

The novel ‘third-generation’ polymerase is said to be the secret to the kit, providing significant advantages over the standard Taq enzyme usually employed. This ‘3G’ Kapa enzyme has been developed specifically for better tolerance to inhibitors including polyphenolics and polysaccharides.

Kapa3G kits are, says Anachem, optimised for fast efficient amplification of plant DNA from crude samples, including samples containing carry-over inhibitors, and purified DNA.


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