MOgene selects Fluidigm sample prep system

FLUIDIGM has provided its Access Array sample preparation system, which prepares amplicons for resequencing without additional library preparation, to US-based genomics service provider MOgene. Based in St Louis, Missouri, MOgene provides RNA/DNA isolation, real-time PCR, and other genomic analysis services to its customers.

Fluidigm's Access Array, now deployed at MOgene

Fluidigm says Access Array works with all major next-generation sequencing systems, enabling users to enrich multiple targets at one time. Combining the high-throughput benefits of microfluidics with the known performance of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) means that the technology has the lowest running costs in the industry, the company claims.

“MOGene has been involved with sequencing projects such as transcriptomes, metagenomics, and sequencing the oil palm genome working with Washington University and Orion Genomics”, said Shaukat Rangwala, vice president, MOgene. “We believe adding the Access Array’s capabilities to provide high-throughput target enrichment will be a great addition to our sequencing offerings”.

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