Flame photometer finds the fifth element

A BUDGET flame photometer from Cole-Parmer uses key components from a more costly system, promising great value for money. The Single-Channel Flame Photometer (its name as well as its description) is useful to determine the concentration of elements in a sample.

Cole-Parmer's single channel flame photometer has key components from a more expensive instrument

The instrument is supplied with filters for five elements: lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium, and barium. The mixing chamber, burner stem, and burner head are inherited from a higher-specification flame photometer.

The front-loading instrument has a clear sample work area and a removable spill tray, and is designed to be ergonomic in use. The appropriate filter for the element to be analysed is selected using the filter stick, and confirmed (along with flame status) on the front LED panel.

The photometer provides analogue output and a digital display. The flame has auto-ignition, and analysis is performed simply by pressing ‘hold’ to capture readings.

The compact device occupies a minimum of space on the lab bench, just 20x30cm.


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