Teaching microscopes upgraded

OLYMPUS has refreshed its CX range of routine and educational microscopes with the launch of the CX22 series, offering some significant improvements over the outgoing CX21 range.

The refreshed Olympus CX22 series offers a wider field of view and easier height adjustment

The new scopes give a wider field of view and more adjustment of eyepiece height – a useful ergonomic feature for instruments destined for use in educational settings, where users may change in quick succession. Olympus says these improvements have not required any sacrifices in image quality.

Other features which the company says will endear the CX22 series to educational microscope users are the upper stage lock, which protects objectives and specimens from damage by inexpert users during focussing, and the new wire-driven stage which offers significantly smoother operation.

Eyepieces, objectives, and the condenser are fixed to the microscope frame, which should prevent them becoming lost either by accident or on purpose, and the microscopes have an inbuilt power cable hanger to simplify storage and transport.

Halogen and LED lamp versions are available. The conventional halogen lamp provides easier adjustment of light intensity and faithful colour rendition, while the LED version promises longer lamp life, low power consumption, and what Olympus refers to as ‘natural’ colour tones.┬áBoth types have optics and observation tubes treated with anti-fungal material.


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