Solid phase extraction, without the frits

SUPERIOR reproducibility and higher sensitivity, combined with lower levels of contaminants and extractables in the eluate, are promised by Thermo Fisher Scientific for its new range of Sola solid phase extraction cartridges and plates.

The so-called ‘fritless’ technology combines polyethylene and stationary phase components into a single homogenous sorbent bed, rather than the conventional arrangement of loosely packed powdered silica or polymer located between two polyethylene frits. The fritless approach eliminates voiding and channelling, which can create inconsistencies.

Applications for Sola solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges and plates include jobs where reproducibility and sensitivity are essential, says Thermo. High-throughput bioanalytical and clinical analyses are a prime target market, we understand. Product options include Sola (reverse phase), Sola CX (mixed-mode cation exchange) and Sola AX (mixed-mode anion exchange) stationary phases, and both cartridge and 96-well-plate formats are available.

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