Microsite answers cryopreservation FAQs

THE CRYOPRESERVATION of biological specimens is standard practice in many modern laboratories, but is still an area where scientists and technicians might benefit from a dedicated source of product information and technical tips. Wheaton hopes to satisfy this need with its new microsite, cryofeed.com.

Cryogenic storage presents technical challenges, which may be answered on Wheaton's new microsite

Visitors can view articles on sample preservation, get tips on how to prevent tubes from exploding, and download Wheaton’s guide to Biobanking as a PDF. They can also sign up for updates, post comments, and suggest new articles.

Wheaton says the biomedical and life sciences communities recognise the need for a respository for the growing volume of knowledge on cryogenic storage and biobanking. These procedures are now commonplace in hospitals, universities, public and private research institutions, and pharmaceutical labs, and look set to continue to increase in the future.

“We recognised an unmet need for practical, helpful information on the long-term containment of biological specimens at low temperatures”, observed Stephen Drozdow, president of Wheaton. “In the digital world, CryoFeed is a natural step forward in our relationship with scientists and researchers”.

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