Coded tubes will remain readable

THE LABELLING of sample tubes presents a regular challenge in the laboratory, particularly where lab automation systems are used. Micronic says the most reliable of all methods for long-term sample identification and tracking is to have a unique 2D barcode laser-etched onto the tube bottom.

2D barcodes permanently etched onto the bottom of these Micronic sample tubes

This permanent labelling technique, as used on Micronic’s 2D Data Matrix and 2D Traxis tubes, makes them resistant to solvent attack and abrasion.

These 2D codes cannot fade or peel off, even after repeated handling and freeze-thaw cycles, says the company. The clarity and legibility of the code should remain unchanged for the tubes’ lifetime, promising excellent traceability of samples.

Micronic has published a white paper, available on its website, which discusses the factors involved in establishing a secure traceable stored sample regime, including robustness of the tube coding, the purity of polymer used for tubes, and effective means of tube sealing.

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