PCR, now with added email

FLEXIBILITY and ease of use for busy laboratories are the key factors behind the Mastercycler range of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines from Eppendorf. Promising low noise and low energy consumption with high reliability and highly reproducible results, up to three instruments can be linked together to increase throughout.

Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient, a PCR machine that notifies users of cycle completion by email

A useful feature for researchers may be the facility to notify the end of a PCR cycle by email, allowing maximum machine use and minimising time wasted waiting for cycles to complete. When instruments are in high demand in the lab, this feature can help maintain tight schedules and perhaps even prevent the outbreak of hostilities.

The range includes Eppendorf’s automatic lid height adjustment feature, Flexlid, which facilitates the use of a wide variety of labware for different reaction volumes, including large 0.5ml PCR tubes and low-profile strips or plates.

The Mastercycler Gradient (illustrated) provides a true gradient with 12 different temperatures, and ensures that the heating and cooling ramps are identical through the ‘SteadySlope’ feature.

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