Compound fragment library now ‘in the cloud’

OVER 1300 compounds from the Selcia compound fragment library are now available to researchers through the online Compound Cloud service of BioAscent Discovery.

Rainy day in Lanarkshire? Selcia compounds are now available through BioAscent’s online rapid ordering system

A new agreement between the companies means that Selcia’s 1366-fragment collection has been added to the 125,000 compounds stored in BioAscent’s Compound Cloud at its base in Lanarkshire, UK.

Scientists can gain immediate access to these fragments, designed in collaboration with Cambridge MedChem Consulting, through the online ordering system.

The library contains a structurally-diverse range of compounds with, the company says, little overlap with alternative collections of commercial and non-commercial custom synthesised fragments.

Compound Cloud is intended to enhance early-stage drug discovery by enabling easy selection and ordering of IP-free chemicals for screening.

It is described as applying the cloud-computing concept to early stage drug discovery, by enabling scientists to choose specific compounds of interest and have them quickly prepared and delivered.

Compound Cloud includes a number of third party compound collections which BioAscent says have all been put through stringent quality control processes.


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