Free guide helps make labs greener

A FREE guide to reducing the environmental impact of a laboratory has been produced by Anachem.

Magazine-format eco guide from Anachem includes special offers on pipettes

The Eco News magazine includes tips on reducing laboratory plastic waste, such as specific tips on recycling the packaging of pipette tips: pipette tip packaging recycling tips, if you will.

The 32-page guide is presented in magazine format and is available for download from the company’s ShopAnachem website.

It includes information on the recyclability of pipettes, pipette tips, and their associated packaging, as well as guides to the features of the latest Rainin pipettes,

The guide presents a number of special offers on pipettes and pipette tips, including a trade-in deal on old pipettes which throws a free pipette hanger tree into the deal.

Other offers include ‘bogof’ (buy one get one free) on SSI PCR consumables, Trefflab microtubes, and MicroSol 4 disinfectant.

There is a three-for-two offer on SSI PCR workup racks and screw cap tubes.

The company says there are also a number of other discounts available in its online shop, which become visible when a cursor is hovered over the percent (%) icon while browsing.

Download the free Eco News guide from

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