Software ‘brings simulation to everyone’

The latest release of Comsol Multiphysics makes it easier for simulation specialists to share their design and development work with production and testing colleagues, and runs up to five times as fast, says Comsol.

Comsol Multiphysics 5.2 means easier creation of simulation apps

Version 5.2 offers a fully integrated environment for creating simulation apps, it adds, through new features, improved stability and robustness, and faster execution.

Major upgrades include new editor tools for the creation of user interface components, commands for dynamic updates of graphics, and more control over the deployment of simulation apps.

Apps will now run in a corporate network or in the cloud up to five times as fast, says the company.

Many updates, new features and simulation application examples are also available for the add-on electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical products.

Editor tools make the creation of user interface components easy and quick.

Operators can now bring any model parameter, physics setting, and results such as numerical data and plots, into the user interface of an app with a few mouse clicks.

The Application Builder allows companies to communicate across multiple departments, knowing that the simulation expert is able to maintain control, enforce quality standards, and ensure that the results can be trusted.

Among the new user-inspired features is the ability to update graphics while running an app.

The designer can present app users with different plots while solving, to take them through the progression of the solution.

The app designer can also customise the graphics toolbar with new buttons, and include camera movements.

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