Capture gene bands without cutting

Isolating individual bands from electrophoresis gels usually involves manually cutting them free, a slow process that can be prone to cross contamination.

GeneCatcher promises one-handed removal of gene bands

Gel Company says its new GeneCatcher provides a simpler, inexpensive, one-handed method of removing bands.

Simply push a GeneCatcher tip onto a standard 1000ul pipette, select the band of interest, push the tip onto the band, and remove.

The pipette’s release action will then deposit the band into a suitable container.

The polypropylene tips are rectangular and available in 4x1mm or 6.5x1mm formats.

Because Since excision time is so fast, less time is spent looking down into harmful UV transilluminators when cutting directly from light boxes – and no more scratch damage is caused by cutting with a conventional blade on the transilluminator surface.

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