Lab reactor promises simplified scale-up

A compact new benchtop laboratory reactor from Asynt has the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of reaction vessels, with volumes from just 100ml to five litres.

Reactomate Datum from Asynt is a versatile controlled laboratory reactor

The ReactoMate Datum is a controlled lab reactor (CLR) that allows chemists to quickly change reactor vessels, thereby enabling simple synthesis scale-up.

A novel mounting mechanism is said to ensure excellent stability and alignment every time.

ReactoMate Datum is built from anodised aluminium and stainless steel, and is designed to fit into a standard lab fumehood.

Asynt says it is fully compatible with leading brands of overhead stirrers and circulator heating/cooling systems.

Accurate temperature control is provided by the Datum PT100 temperature probe, whicj loinks directly to the heating/cooling circulator.

Automation packages for the system are optionally available from Asynt.

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