Charting function added to Lims

NEW charting capabilities have been added to the Matrix Gemini, a leading laboratory information management system (Lims) from Autoscribe Informatics.

New graphing functions available in Matrix Gemini laboratory information management system (Lims)

These include a comprehensive range of generic charts to help with reporting and QC, together with enhancements to statistical process control (SPC) and Gantt projects.

The range of charts available includes line, bar, area, pie, funnel, doughnut, radar, bubble, stock, histogram, and XY scatter charts.

Two sets of XY values can be independently configured and displayed on each chart.

Charts can be scaled linearly, or adjusted manually to a user-defined scale.

3D charts can be created for most types, and their display orientation (inclination, perspective and rotation) adjusted for optimum presentation.

Statistical process control (SPC) has been added to the web version of Matrix Gemini.

Once added to any screen, SPC chart control is available for display using both web and desktop versions.

This allows remote set up of trend, histograms, R-charts and X-charts for monitoring the processes involved in manufacturing and product development.


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