Barcode scanner boosts laboratory sample management

THE new DataPaq Cube barcode reader from Ziath uses a dual camera set-up to provide fast and flexible scanning of 2D barcoded tubes in both SBS and cryobox formats.

DataPaq Cube barcode reader from Ziath

The company says the DataPaq Cube works with all currently available rack types and can scan and decode a 96 tube rack in less than two seconds.

The device uses two cameras, which combine to eliminate the risk of edge effects and tracking errors, it says.

Additional features include the easy saving of images for troubleshooting and diagnosis, and a fully integrated design within a single chassis.

Efficient sample management is critical to the operation of many modern laboratories, especially when high-throughput work is undertaken.

Maintaining sample quality and efficiently tracking sample location can be an onerous task, especially when working with large compound or sample libraries.

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