Fibre lasers suit optogenetics research

A combination of high average power and short pulsewidth are the main features of two new ultrafast fibre lasers from Coherent.

Fibre lasers offer research advantages, says Coherent

This enables high intensity focusing for applications ranging from optogenetics research to commercial applications including scribing and rapid prototyping.

The Fidelity 10 and Fidelity 18 offer 10W and 18W of output power, respectively, with a pulsewidth of 140fs, at a wavelength of 1040nm.

Coherent says that this, combined with the ‘superior’ beam quality of M2<1.2, gives these lasers significantly higher peak power and focused intensity than competitor.

In optogenetics, the high power will enable simultaneous photo activation of larger neural cell populations, supporting increasingly complex experiments.

The lasers will also deliver faster imaging speeds in multiphoton excitation (MPE) applications.

Fibre lasers offer practical advantages including low maintenance, hands-free reliability, long-term stability, and low cost of ownership, says the company, adding that these Fidelity lasers are the first on the market to combine these advantages with power performance in a package suited for both scientific and industrial applications.

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