Rotors to make centrifuges work harder

A RANGE of four new rotors promise to make Eppendorf’s 5804 and 5810 centrifuges more productive than ever. 

New rotor sets boost capacity of Eppendorf lab centrifuges

Already known  as the ‘workhorses’ of company’s range, the new rotors increase the capacity of the machines, also offering savings in running costs and lab productivity.

The new rotors are of both the swing-bucket and fixed-angle types.

Two new swing-bucket rotors increase the capacity of the Eppendorf 5804 and 5804 R centrifuges to one litre. The same types boost capacity of the company’s 5810 and 5810 R centrifuges to three litres – making these the smallest three litre centrifuges available, says Eppendorf.

Two new fixed-angle rotors are also available, for the same centrifuge models. These incorporate the company’s QuickLock aerosol-tight lids, which can be opened and closed with just a quarter turn.

The new round bucket design of these rotors improves aerodynamic s, giving an energy saving of up to 36% compared to rotor A-4-81.

The FA-45-48-11 rotor carries up to 48 sample vials of 1.5ml or 2ml, spinning them up to a maximum of 19,083g.

Also available is a high-capacity fixed-angle rotor for 15ml conical and glass tubes, model F-35-48-17, with capacity for 40 x 15mlconical tubes and max speed up to 5,050g.

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