Wireless datalogger promises precise temperature and humidity recording

THE LATEST model in TandD’s RTR-500 datalogger series, the RTR-507/507L, provides automatic logging of temperature from -30 to +80C and humidity from 0 to 99%RH.

RTR-507 is latest model in TandD’s RTR-500 range

Humidity measurement accuracy is said to be +/-2.5%.

Used with a RTR-500 base unit, the data recorded data can be collected wirelessly, and can also be used for data monitoring, warning monitoring, and data management through networks to construct a data logging system to match the needs and environment of the user.

The logging capacity of the RTR-507 is 8000 data sets consisting of both temperature and humidity.

A second model, the RTR-507L, is available offering an extended life battery.

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