Microplate evaporator for Pittcon preview

A NEW microplate evaporator from Porvair Sciences will be shown to the public for the first time at Pittcon 2013. 

Prototype of Porvair’s Ultravap Mistral, to be unveiled at Pittcon 2013

The new UltraVap Mistral (pictured) is the latest version of the company’s popular UltraVap sample concentrator, promising even easier integration of automatic dry down into automated liquid handling protocols. This new evaporator is optimised for Tecan, Hamilton, and Beckman robotic laboratory automation equipment.

Alongside the new device, microplate specialist Porvair will display its new MiniSeal II heat sealer and a wide selection of its microplates.

MiniSeal II promises ‘unmatched’ reproducibility in microplate sealing, regardless of plate type or size.

Because it operates with very high force, seals made by the MiniSeal II – even on deep or irregularly shaped microplate wells – will have high integrity, says the company.

Designed to be easy to install and use, MiniSeal II requires only connection to a single electrical outlet – no compressed air supply is needed. Porvair says the device can be installed, up to temperature, and sealing plates within minutes of unpacking.

The company’s range of deep well, shallow well, storage, assay, SPE, protein precipitation, and filtration microplates will also be shown at the annual conference and exhibition, held in 2013 In Philadelphia from 17 to 21 March. Manufactured in an ISO 9001 production cleanroom to precise SLAS /ANSI dimensions ensures that Porvair microplates are entirely compatibility with automated sample handling systems, microplate readers, and washers, says Porvair.

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