Secure data management for smaller chromatography labs

MOST commercially-available laboratory data management systems are aimed at larger labs, says Agilent, announcing the launch of OpenLab Data Store with Lab Applications which is targeted at smaller chromatography laboratories.

The package provides secure central storage of data produced by the company’s OpenLab chromatography data systems, in order to streamline lab operations and help with regulatory compliance.

By focussing on what it says are the essential tasks that make it easy for smaller laboratories to install and do their work, this new system avoids some of the complexity and cost of systems aimed at larger enterprises.

“Smaller chromatography labs want something simple to deploy and with minimal ongoing IT requirements”, said Bruce von Herrmann of Agilent Software and Informatics. “Because OpenLab Data Store with Lab Applications is designed to work without customisation, labs can expect to be up and running in only two days – that’s up to ten times faster than other approaches”.

The data management challenges faced by laboratories are similar regardless of their size, and are exacerbated by the large volumes of data generated by modern lab instruments. One difference, though, is that budget constraints are more likely to limit the ability of smaller labs to install the latest data management software.

OpenLab Data Store with Lab Applications is intended for labs with up to 15 Agilent chromatography and single quadrupole LC/MS systems installed. It promises centralised data storage and retrieval with comprehensive data security, audit trails, and e-signature authorisation. It also automates workload scheduling and workflow management, more efficient event and asset tracking, and simplified compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

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