Controlling temperature during live-cell imaging

A CONSTANT concern when imaging live cells in the laboratory is maintaining a survivable environment for the microscopic subjects. Now Okolab has introduced its T Plates to provide a steady temperature on the microscope stage.

Okolab T Plates control temperature on the microscope stage

Said to be compatible with any microscope, including inverted instruments, T Plates are round heated plates with a built in temperature sensor.

Glass and metal versions are available, fitting into microscope XY stages with circular openings. Intended mainly for short term experiments, the T Plate provides a transparent surface at a controlled temperature.

The conductive glass has a built-in temperature sensor which, coupled to a PID touchscreen temperature controller, maintains specimens at temperatures accurate to +/-0.3C. An external temperature sensor simplifies self calibration.

Warner Instruments distributes Okolab products in the USA.

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