Microplate dispenser is ‘world’s most precise’

DISPENSING precise volumes of fluids into microplates can be a critical factor in many laboratory operations, and plenty of manufacturers of lab automation systems take pride in the accuracy of their equipment.

Redd&Whyte says Preddator is the most accurate dispenser available

Redd&Whyte reckons its Preddator liquid handling system is the most precise available, boasting coefficients of variation of less than one percent at nanolitre volumes.

In fact, the company reports that independent tests at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) showed that Preddator can achieve an accuracy of 0.69% CVs at 500nl, across 384-well plates.

It says these results are five- to ten-times better than any other commercially-available low-volume microplate dispenser.

This demonstrates that Preddator can be used to reduce reagent volumes in assays, saving the cost of these expensive chemicals and offering significant savings – especially in high throughput screening programmes.

Redd&Whyte also says Preddator is the only automated commercial nanolitre microplate dispenser that can reliably dispense ‘difficult’ substances such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), oils, detergents, and gels, along with biological samples such as cells and protein.

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