Tailored automation of PCR setup and nucleic acid purification

THE LATEST Eppendorf automated pipetting systems are, says the company, uniquely tailored for PCR setup and nucleic acid purification.

The EPMotion P5073 and M5073 simplify othwerwise complex and labour-intensive pipetting jobs, promising to save time and improve the reliability and reproducibility of results.

EPMotion M5073 fully automates the process of DNA purification, providing reproducibility with high yield and purity. Setup time is short and elution volumes as low as 25ul for high concentrations can be used, says Eppendorf.

The company’s own MagSep ready to use reagents are specifically designed for use with the M5073, eliminating the need for manual buffer handling and requiring only room temperature storage.

Between one and 24 nucleic acid samples can be extracted per run from a variety of sources, including blood, tissue, cells, bacteria, and viruses.

The P5073 helps streamline and automate PCR setup in 96 or 384 well format. Four different, step-by-step guided PCR assistants are available to facilitate working with normalisation, dilution, setup reactions, and composing mastermixes.

Both have six SBS positions, are equipped with a colour touch screen, and can be used with the optional Eppendorf CleanCap to minimise contamination risks with the use of a HEPA filter and UV lamp.

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