Heating block is safer and faster than oil bath

A SAFER, more productive method of heating samples in a variety of laboratory glassware is the promise of the DrySyn Multi from Asynt.  

DrySyn Multi from Asynt converts hotplate into a reaction block

This device converts any standard laboratory hotplate stirrer into a reaction block which can accommodate up to three flasks or 12 reaction tubes.

Glassware is ingeniously clamped and secured in place to maximise the visibility of the reaction while minimising the chances of glass breakage.

Manufactured from anodised aluminium for chemical resistance DrySyn Multi can raise temperature to 300C and do so up to 25 percent faster than an oil bath, says Asynt.

By enabling heating and stirring without the spill risk presented by an oil bath, it promises a cleaner and safer working environment in the laboratory.

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