Top tip for commercialisation of microplate innovations

INNOVATIONS in microplates can spring from any laboratory, in academia or industry, often from organisations that are not experienced at commercialisation of this sort of development.

Porvair Sciences offer custom microplate development and commercialisation services

The company has two decades of experience in developing microplate technology, accumulating a wealth of expertise that it says makes its custom microplate design and manufacture service second to none.

Porvair offers a range of proprietary techniques to create custom microplates, including polymer ultrasonic welding, plasma surface treatment, co-sintering of polymers and silicas, and ‘two-shot’ injection moulding. It also claims market leadership in the moulding of ultra-pure plastic materials such as polystyrene, polypropylene, and polycarbonate.

Steve Knight, marketing director of Porvair Sciences, commented “We have helped a growing number of enterprising academic and governmental research groups commercialise their microplate innovations, and our OEM development work for life science and chromatography companies has also grown. Feedback indicates it is our innovative designs, rapid prototyping, application knowledge and automation-friendly high precision moulding capabilities that were key criteria in selecting Porvair Sciences as a development partner”.

More information on Porvair Sciences product range

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