Chilling benchtop incubators are vibration-free

AIMED at protein crystallography and other life science laboratory applications, the latest EcoTherm chilling incubators from Torrey Pines Scientific have a larger 100 litre capacity. 

The IN55 lab incubator is programmable, and vibration free

Exploiting the Peltier effect for heating and chilling, these units require no motors or compressors and use no CFCs or other volatiles.

This makes them vibration-free, which can be a critical consideration when performing protein crystallisation.

Other applications include incubating marine samples below ambient, enzyme reactions and deactivations, hybridisations, ligations, storing oocytes, and other general lab incubations.        

Two models are available, the fully-programmable IN55 and the simple digital IN50.

Both have a 100 litre chamber volume and external dimensions of 61cm high, 51cm deep, and 36cm wide.

Temperature can be set from +4 to +70C , controlled to +/-0.1C and accurate to +/-0.2C.

An RS232 port enables remote control and data collection, and the incubators have a digital timer (hrs, mins, secs) with auto-off, temperature ramping on the programmable IN55 model, and audible alarms.

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