Grinding tool for comminution of the smallest quantities

WITH a footprint of just 20x30cm and a weight of 7kg, the Fritsch Pulverisette 23 mini-mill is promoted as the ideal tool for reducing small volume samples for laboratory analysis by X-ray fluorescence and infrared spectroscopy.

Fritsch Pulverisette 23 mini-mill, seen here with an agate bowl

Typical applications of the device are in environmental research, medical research, forensics, and biotechnology.

It may be used in preparing soil samples for contaminant analysis, for hair analysis in genetic and drug tests, or comminution of deep frozen tissue samples.

The 5ml PTFE bowl and 10mm steel ball suits biotechnology applications, making it possible to break up fungus or yeast cells in only a few minutes. The entire bowl can be pre-cooled in liquid nitrogen.

The Pulverisette 23 reduces 6mm feed size samples to 5um fineness through its oscillating action (900-3000 oscillations/min at 9mm amplitude), using a selection of grinding bowls and balls in five different materials and three different sizes.


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