Repeater pipette makes light work of tedious pipetting

Rainin Autorep S

THE RAININ AutoRep S repeater pipette from Anachem is said to provide ergonomic liquid handling for any application requiring repeated dispensing steps over a wide range of volumes.

Volume can be selected manually with one hand, using the stroke-setting wheel, while an ergonomic grip with finger hook makes the AutoRep S easy to hold over long periods and enables it to rest comfortably in either hand says Anachem.

For operator convenience, volume tables are attached to the back of the instrument to provide a visual reference for selecting dispense volumes, syringe sizes, and number of pipetting steps.

The syringe ejection key eliminates the need to manually detach used syringes.

AutoRep S is designed to work with Encode syringe tips, in a combination providing 59 different liquid dispense volumes from 2ul to 50ml. Together they should allow operators to perform accurate and precise repeat dispensing, even of viscous and high vapour pressure liquids.

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