Syringe pump added to nanoparticle characterisation systems

THE LATEST enhancement to NanoSight’s Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) is the ability to include a syringe pump in the system.

Syringe pump provides more reproducible nanoparticle sizing and counting

The syringe pump enables a larger number of sample particles to be detected and tracked, giving a more representative sample population and improving the repeatability of an analysis.

By continually introducing fresh sample during an analysis run, the pump also improves the repeatability of concentration measurements.

In combination with the Script batch analysis procedure, this gives more consistent standard operation procedures (SOPs)for accurate and reproducible concentration measurements, says NanoSight. The improvements are especially relevant when counting larger particles and aggregates, and for polydisperse samples.

Use of a syringe pump reduces the photo-bleaching effect seen on fluorescent nanoparticles illuminated by laser under static flow. Streaming fluorescently labelled samples through the beam reduces the time each particle is illuminated, and is therefore recommended for fluorescent labelling studies.

NanoSight’s head of development, Dr Patrick Hole, commented: “the syringe pump has greatly increased the performance of our NTA systems and meets requests from users for better reproducibility”.

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