Microscope camera needs no PC connection

FOR THE first time, the Olympus DP26 microscope camera can be operated in standalone fashion without the need of a PC connection.

DP26 microscope camera from Olympus operates without PC connection

This new facility will streamline the image capture process and save valuable space in the laboratory, says Olympus. It thinks the new control unit will have a big impact on the way imaging

is done in clinical research and educational laboratories around the world.

The DP26 incorporates a 5Mp scientific-grade progressive scan CCD sensor, producing colours said to be true to life with high fidelity and accurate colour reproduction.

The ISO 400 sensitivity makes the DP26 suitable for phase-contrast microscopy or work involving darkly stained samples.

The camera can capture seven full frames per second, which are non-interlaced to avoid any distorting effects of interlaced scan digital cameras, and attaches to the microscope via a standard C-mount.

The camera is designed to be extremely easy to use, with the operator handling all routine image caption functions with a simple one-touch controller.

Specimen images can be saved in a variety of ways, including via USB or to a password-protected LIS network, without the necessity for file transfer protocol (FTP) interfaces, web browsers, or other intermediate steps.

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