HPLC columns promise to improve performance

A NEW range of chromatography columns from Thermo Fisher are engineered to ‘significantly increase’ the performance of HPLC separations, without any modification to instruments or methods.

The company’s internal laboratory tests show that 4um Accucore XL HPLC columns allow users of conventional HPLC methods to enjoy performance far beyond that of columns packed with 5um, 4um or even 3um fully porous particles.

The new columns use Thermo’s Core Enhanced Technology, a combination of particle technology, phase bonding and packing. The columns feature solid core particles of tightly-controlled diameter, advanced bonding technology, and an automated packing processes.

Very high separation efficiencies using standard HPLC instruments and conditions provide increased peak resolution and lower limits of detection. An ultra-stable packed bed results in exceptionally robust columns that demonstrate excellent retention and response reproducibility, says the company.

“The Accucore XL HPLC column range is targeted at labs desiring better sensitivity, resolution and robustness when compared to conventional 3 and 5um HPLC columns”, said Darren Thomas, Thermo Fisher business director and general manager, chromatography consumables. “Accucore XL HPLC columns can achieve these improvements with no modification to the customer’s current method. Consequently, customers can see better results and an enhanced return on their investment”.

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