Liquid aspiration made safer and easier

THE ASPIRATION and disposal of small volumes of liquid waste is a routine task in most clinical, biology, and chemistry labs, made easier and safer with a device like Vacusip, says Integra.

Vacusip from Integra provides portable liquid aspiration

With an integrated vacuum pump and long-life battery, Vacusip provides portable aspiration and waste disposal wherever it is needed.

The pump automatically switches on and off, according to the vacuum demand, in order to optimise battery life. The device is said to be silent in operation, and its minimal footprint maximises space available on the lab bench.

The Vacusip hand operator enables precise fine regulation of liquid aspiration flow. A wide range of adapters are available for the hand operator enabling the device to handle almost any liquid waste disposal task.

A hydrophobic filter protects the unit from contamination and liquid entry, and all components in contact with liquids can be autoclaved.

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