Protein precipitation separation on a budget

PORVAIR Sciences says that the use of protein precipitation separation techniques is growing in chromatography labs. It has launched the Combipack in response to this trend, offering a new economic package for laboratories seeking to minimise costs.

Combipack includes ps protein precipitation plates and deep well collection plates

Combipack consists of four Porvair p3 protein precipitation plates and four 1ml deep well collection plates (colour coded in red or blue polypropylene), providing all the elements needed to undertake protein precipitation separations.

Based on the industry standard MicroLute 96-well format, the p3 plate uses the ‘Crash’ method in which protein in samples is denatured with acetonitrile and the flocculent filtered out.

A novel dual filter matrix retains sample in the wells of the p3 plate until required to release by vacuum or pressure. The use of a prefilter on top of an oleophobic filter eliminates blockages commonly found with other protein precipitation plates especially when handling high protein samples.

The company reports that the p3 has been proven in independent tests to eliminate the mess and complexity traditionally associated with protein precipitation techniques.

More information on Porvair Sciences product range

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