Field-of-view calculations on an iPhone

Screen grab of Resolve Optics FOV calculator on the iPhone

A PAIR of new iPhone apps from Resolve Optics simplify lens field of view (FOV) calculations. Suitable for optics professionals and camera enthusiasts alike, the apps eliminate a lot of time consuming arithmetic.

They allow users to quickly work out what focal length lens is required or to calculate the field-of-view provided by a known lens.

FOV Calc Lite is a free version, with eight commonly used sensor formats pre-installed. Knowing the sensor format and lens focal length, this calculates the field of view at a known distance or at infinity.

The full version, FOV Calc, has the eight preinstalled formats and also provides the option of editing, adding, deleting, and saving sensor formats, enabling users to build your their sensor format database. This app is currently priced at $0.99.

Both versions of the Resolve Optics field-of-view calculator are now available from the Apple iTunes Store.

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