High pressure reactions in parallel

DESIGNED to be used in conjunction with a simple benchtop magnetic stirrer or stirrer/hotplate, the Asynt Parallel High Pressure Reactor is described as a cost-effective lightweight unit suitable for stirred or non-stirred applications.

Parallel high pressure reactor has up to ten reaction vessels

The reactor can be configured to suit many laboratory applications including homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, hydrogenation, corrosion testing, parallel synthesis, and screening.

Made of durable 316 stainless steel, the Asynt Parallel High Pressure Reactor provides up to ten 30ml vessels or a single reactor from 50 to 250ml. These can be configured to operate up to 300C and 100bar.

Reactor systems can be built to accommodate volumes from 5ml to 50 litres and constructed in a wide range of materials including Hastelloy, Inconel, titanium and alloy steels for almost any application. Asynt says its reactors are designed by chemists for chemists and are extremely easy to set-up, needing only one simple closure, with a fail-safe mechanism to protect the operator.

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