Measure viscosity at high shear with E chip

MEASURING viscosity at high shear rates is a challenge with conventional instruments, as the instigation of turbulent or unstable fluid flow makes measurements unreliable.

m-VROC viscometer incoprorates E chip for expanded measurement range

The standard way of dealing with this problem is to make multiple measurements, but this requires additional bench time and samples.

Rheosense says its new E chip expands the range of viscosity measurements with significantly greater shear rates by eliminating the onset of early turbulence.

Mounted on the m-VROC viscometer, the E chip measures up to two million reciprocal seconds of water-like viscosity, or one million for typical injket inks (around 4mPas).

The E chip’s micro-fabricated flow channel maintain laminar flow at high shear rates, says the company, providing accurate measurements. This viscosity measurement is facilitated by the higher full scale pressure of the chip.

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