Plate reader includes on-board camera for well imaging

DESCRIBED as an evolution of its first dynamic light scattering (DLS) plate reader, Wyatt Technology’s new DynaPro Plate Reader II includes an onboard camera to take pictures of each microplate well.

Wyatt's DynaPro Plate Reader II automates the dynamic light scattering (DLS) process

The new reader has an extended temperature range, from 4C to 85C, for greater flexibility in protein melting and aggregation analyses.

It has been designed, says the company, to provide unparalleled productivity and flexibility in applications including formulation, crystallography, vaccine development, compound aggregation, and nanoparticle characterisation, and is compatible with industry-standard plates in 96, 384, and 1536-well formats.

The first DynaPro plate reader automated the conventional and labour-intensive DLS process, which had demanded manual measurement of samples one at a time. Automated DLS brought new levels of repeatability and reproducibility as well as saving a great deal of analyst time at the lab bench.

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