HPLC columns enhance protein and peptide separations

AVAILABLE in analytical, micro, and nano formats, the new Accucore 150-C18 and 150-C4 columns from Thermo Fisher Scientific are designed to improve protein and peptide assay robustness by enhancing peak capacity and run times at moderate operating pressures.

Thermo says the 150 angstrom pores of the core particles provides the optimal combination of retention time and resolution for peptide and protein separations.

The Accucore 150-C18 is further optimised for biomolecules and protein digests through bonding of C18 ligands onto the porous outer layer of the particles.

The low hydrophobicity C4 ligand used in the Accucore 150-C4 column enables fast protein separations.

These new products are launched in expectation of a boost in the market share of biological drugs compared to conventional drugs over the next few years, the company says.

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