Sterility testing workstation offers modular flexibility

LAUNCHED this week at Achema is a new workstation for sterility testing, the Bioquell Qube, which will help laboratories in their increasingly-important sterilisation validation processes.  Qube will help ensure that an aseptic test environment is properly controlled, in order to eliminate false positive results.

Use as many Qube modules as space permits and workload demands

The device delivers sporicidal bio-decontamination using hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV), resulting in a validated 6-log reduction in bioburden says Bioquell. It is intended to complement a fitted and validated sterility test unit such as the Millipore Steritest.

Qube physically separates operators from the test, enabling the use of automated HPV biological decontamination. Within a single module, a rapid 20 minute bio-decontamination cycle allows fast and efficient transfers. An EU GMP Grade A / ISO 5 compliant environment is ensured by both uni-directional airflow and unique isolator technology.

The modular design provides flexible configurations, so a single module can be installed where space is restricted, or a three-chamber workstation can be deployed for high volume throughput.

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