Mobile GC/MS accepts samples as liquid, solid, or vapour

SAID to be the only mobile gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC/MS) that can analyse samples introduced in solid, liquid, or vapour phase, the Griffin 460 also provides continuous direct air monitoring and has multiple applications in field work.

The Griffin 460 portable GC/MS is available in a choice of camouflage colours

Available from Southern Scientific, the Griffin 460 promises simple sampling and requires little or no sample preparation facilitating its use by untrained staff. Despite this ease of operation and multi-mode sample introduction, the instrument is said to offer full lab-quality GC/MS capability.

Field use is enhanced by an isolation system that resists shock and vibration, allowing for quick and safe transport and field use. Software enables the selection of the degree of instrument control required, from simple red light/green light operation for unskilled operators to full control for analytical chemists developing their own methods.

Compatible with the Griffin 460 is the Griffin Purge and Trap, a sampling system for the direct analysis of water samples, and the Griffin X-Sorber, an air sampler for automatic atmospheric analysis which also records GPS position. Solid phase samples are introduced via the PSI Probe, said to be unique in GC/MS for allowing analysis of powders, gels, and other solids without sample preparation.

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