Turn your optical microscope into a Raman spectroscope

MOST major brands of optical microscope can now have Raman spectroscopy capability added to them through the Apollo Raman microspectrometer from Craic Technologies.

Apollo Raman accessory from Craic turns a modern microscope into a spectrometer

This additional instrument allows the collection of Raman spectra from microscopic or larger samples, allowing the specimen to be imaged and have its vibrational spectra measured on a single instrument without needing a secondary sample preparation stage.

Able to measure the Raman spectra of micron-scale samples, the Apollo enables a modern optical microscope to identify and characterise materials such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and biological samples. ,

“By incorporating Raman spectroscopy with optical microscopes, our customers have a very powerful tool and easy to use tool at their disposal. You can simply analyse the same microscopic area of the sample under the same conditions without additional sample preparation or instrument alignment. Laboratory efficiency, accuracy and sample analysis throughput can therefore be dramatically increased”, says Paul Martin, president of Craic Technologies.

The Apollo Raman is a self contained spectrometer using a stabilised laser as an excitation source, and with a sophisticated optical interface to the microscope. The use of lasers of different wavelength provides flexibility for a wide range of sample analyses.

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