Syringe pump is first to promise constant pressure

HARVARD Apparatus says its new PHD Ultra CP syringe pump is the first of its kind to infuse fluids under constant pressure by automatically adjusting the flow rate.

PHD Ultra CP syringe pump from Harvard Apparatus delivers constant pressure

This constant-pressure delivery of fluids provides advantages for various experiments, it says, including organ perfusion studies which require constant physiological conditions, ocular injections and perfusions, whole-body perfusions on small animals, constant pressure microfluidic mixing, and the controlled introduction of reagents.

PHD Ultra CP connects to commercially-available pressure transducer/amplifiers with 0-10V output, and delivers fluids with an applied force of up to 450kg and pressure accuracy within 2%.

The pumps in the CP range are all infuse/withdraw models, and are available in a number of configurations and force/pressure ratings.

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