Purification systems integrate preparative LC with OpenLab CDS

AGILENT has expanded its portfolio of purification systems with the launch of the new 218 and SD1.

These systems enable users to pure compounds in the range from micrograms to hundreds of grams. At the lower end of this scale range, they will be of interest to laboratories in the pharmaceutical sector, while the upper end will appeal to the chemical industry.

These are the first systems to integrate former Varian preparative liquid chromatography (LC) products with OpenLab CDS software.

Key to the performance is the wide flexibility in flow rate and injection volume, and the dynamic range of ultraviolet detection offered by the systems. Dynamic range can be up to 80AU.

This provides a range which can cope with almost any sample amount or column size, offering maximum recovery and sample purity at what Agilent promises is an an affordable price.

Agilent’s portfolio includes the 971 Flash system, the 1260 Infinity analytical-scale and preparative-scale systems, and the SD2 purification system. These purification systems cover flow rates from microlitres to over a litre per minute.

“Our new LC purification portfolio enables medicinal and organic chemists, and process engineers, to achieve higher-purity products,” says Helmut Schulenberg-Schell, LC marketing manager at Agilent.

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